The Pichet Group To Select Mews To Run Their All Suites Appart Hotel Brand
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The Pichet Group To Select Mews To Run Their All Suites Appart Hotel Brand

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Pichet Group has chosen Mews as the exclusive hospitality cloud for their All Suites Appart Hotel brand.

FREMONT, CA: “Mews is such a great fit for aparthotel and long stay properties, and I’m really excited to welcome such a great brand,” states Matt Welle, Mews CEO. The Pichet Group has selected Mews, the leading cloud-based property management system (PMS), as the exclusive hospitality cloud for its All Suites Appart Hotel brand.

“Our technology not only gives guests the freedom to decide their own journey, but it will give All Suites the ability to customize their journey and run operations even more efficiently. I’m sure this will be a strong partnership for many years to come,” adds  Welle

The Pichet Group is one of France's foremost real estate companies, with 20 All Suites buildings located throughout the country. The aparthotel combines the conveniences of apartment living with the luxuries and outstanding service and will be moved to Mews in staggered phases during 2022.

“We’re really excited to be working with Mews,” comments Olivier Jacquet, CEO Hotels Division. “It was vital for us to move to a cloud-native solution that gave us the power and agility to adapt to modern hospitality and guest behavior, and Mews was the best option.”

All Suites Appart Hotels welcome a sizable share of long-term leisure guests and students, which played a significant role in our decision to stay at Mews. Mews has developed a new extended-stay timeline and billing capabilities that streamline and simplify managing reservations and payments, saving critical time for the All Suites staff.

Another critical reason for the selection was the Mews Open API. All Suites intend to develop their app in the future, and an open API with excellent connection enables them to construct and link their app in the most efficient manner possible.

Guests will also instantly benefit from an enhanced user journey, which includes online check-in and check-out options, which are particularly popular and critical among the younger student audience. Additionally, they saw the shift as essential to their sustainability efforts, owing to Mews' participation in programs such as Hotels for Trees.

The Pichet Group and All Suites Appart Hotels are gearing up for an exciting few years with an ambitious property expansion program and plan to embrace innovative, technology-driven hospitality.