The Pitfalls of going App-Only for E-commerce Companies Entering the Market

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Mobile App Only is currently the favorite approach of retailers to commercialize their products by making it available only on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

Integrating the Mobile App Only approach with E-commerce has its own perks and disadvantages at the same time. This would depend on lot of factors like retailer interests, preference of customers, and nature of products.

Mobile Apps provide users with an aesthetic experience with high speed and array of features and retailers are graced with the ability to customize user experience to address individual interests. Dynamic product pricing and promotional discounting opportunities are some other   aspects which form part of this approach. An important characteristic of the approach is that mobile alerts and notifications are relayed much quicker than emails /SMS and have garnered a higher response rate too. Some other notable features include integration of mobile functionalities like Search, Image Search, and Barcode Scan adding to the convenience of users. Moreover, contemporary user prefers using their mobile to buy anything because of the ease with which it can be accomplished.

However, the approach is not without its own share of disadvantages:

Differences in user preferences: Regular users of Mobile Apps may find it convincing to install Apps and buy what they want but some conventional users of laptops or other big-screen devices may not convinced enough about the idea of going App only.

Dilemma in building an efficient app: Developing an efficient e-commerce App is not a cake-walk as it has to be built in such a way so that it   reaches all the customers with the features it houses and also realize substantial profits for the retailers. Moreover, it is a challenging ask to obtain the perfect and consistent experience in every combination of screen size, OS and connectivity.

Dilemma in inclusion of necessary parameters: The approach doesn’t have any particular way of going about it as a lot depends on category for which the online retailer operates. It is a challenging task to culminate every expectation of the customers in general.

Balancing the pace of mobile e-commerce with conventional retail methods: Mobile E-commerce has been scaling up with a tremendous pace which brings to light the necessity to take caution so as to not disrupt the existing retail systems.

Despite of the innumerable perks for retailers incorporating the Mobile App only approach to commercialize their products, there is still few factors which might hinder the retail industry. Users are usually more inclined to downloading apps of retailers more familiar in comparison to someone new in the market. A percentage of customers might be lost only because of the fact that some users strictly prefer using the website over using an App. The best way to go about going Mobile App Only could be to let customers nicely acquainted with the website and then later entice him with the additional features of the Mobile App.