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The Process Of Securing A Wireless Network For IoT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how every device forms a communication path with other machines. It is a technology that provides efficiency and convenience. However, IoT has issues such as storage, potential security, and slow Wi-Fi speed. IoT efforts can only be successful if the company understands the technology and aligns it with business goals. The IT team has the responsibility of the devices used, the underlying operating system, and the network operations. Additionally, cybersecurity should also be their concern.

The management of the company has a significant responsibility to ensure the flow of funds and proper staffing for IoT to function properly. If an organization is implementing IoT for the first time, then it must integrate security in the planning stage. A few of the security measures are: integrate firewall on every IoT device, never connect gadgets to public Wi-Fi without protection, and change the default password before connecting the device to a network.

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Organizations must pay attention to what storage tires, types, and duration are suitable for IoT because the importance of data changes over time. Cloud storage is the most viable option since it offers scalability, compliance, flexibility, and sophisticated architecture to support an unlimited amount of data. IoT has an immense data pool that helps an organization in better decision making. When information is stored carefully, the analyzation to find its value becomes easy.

The IT team must know about the devices connected to the network. A process must be in place before connecting a new device to the network so that the IT team knows about the device. This prevents security breaches. With growing IoT numbers, wireless network traffic is bound to increase. A company must set up an SDN that automatically and dynamically allows network resources among several IoT applications. At the same time, LAN and Wan must be configured to provide enough bandwidth to fulfill data transmission requirements.

As a company grows, the employees, users, and the number of location increases. This means that the company will add new devices. It may seem as simple as adding a hardware device, but network scalability depends on network configuration and the right combination of wireless hardware devices. While planning an IoT network, the organization must take adding additional devices into consideration. As the technology evolves, companies have to refresh their networks in the coming years but improving scalability is the core of the right configuration.

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