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The Revolutionizing Promise of Kroll's Collusion with Red Canary

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As cyberthreats and fraudulent activities continue to rise in the corporate space, the greater is the need for more stronger and advanced threat detection and investigation solutions. With such is the case, two of the leading firms in the compliance landscape, namely Kroll, a corporate investigation and risk consulting firm, and Red Canary, a managed threat detection solutions firm have colluded with the mission to mitigate cyberthreats and offer better compliance posture to the clients. They intend on developing ingenious solutions for early threat detection and hunting, end-to-end monitoring of IT infrastructures, and apt incident response. 

Kroll’s collusion with Red Canary has resulted in the development of Kroll CyberDetectER Endpoint, which judiciously amalgamates Canary's hunting/response capabilities and Kroll's investigation and incident mitigation capabilities. The result is a powerful hybrid tackling of the most pernicious threats and cyber frauds. Jason Smolanoff, Kroll's Senior MD and Cyber Security Practice Leader, believes that Kroll has come to raise the bar by ensuring that their clients have the most advanced resources available to reduce the IT security risks effectively and efficiently.  

"This partnership brings together two critical elements of an effective cybersecurity program – rapid identification and validation of actual threats, with seasoned incident responders at the ready to advise and assist organizations with containment and remediation," says Marc Brawner, Principal in Kroll's Cyber Security and Investigations Practice.

"We're excited to partner with Kroll to combine our hunting and operations expertise with Kroll's deep experience mitigating information security risks for organizations worldwide," says Keith McCammon, Red Canary's Chief Security Officer.

With such an impressive solution at corporations' disposal, one could surely be certain that the future of compliance and cybersecurity is in safe hands.