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The Right Payment Method for Your Business and Customers

By CIOReview | Friday, February 23, 2018

The multiple payment methods available and emerging in the market today require every business to ponder over and choose the payment system best suited for enhancing its sales and customer satisfaction. The qualities of a payment method that determine its suitability for your business are the following:

Relevance to Business: Knowledge about your customer's preferred or probable method of payment is invaluable. While online payment options serve e-commerce stores well, credit cards are more suitable for use in tangible brick and mortar stores.

Simplicity: If your business is unable to complete payment transactions smoothly, due to complexities such as unorderly book-keeping which often characterize cash transactions, this heralds your need for a simple payment method. Simplified payments help ease the financial transactions of your business.

Dependability: Companies providing popular payment methods backed by great customer service like Paypal are considered dependable and trustworthy by customers. Your customers' trust is crucial for a payment method’s success in increasing the ROI of your business because a customer’s hesitation or lack of faith regarding how reliable the payment method is can result in the business losing potential customers.

Timeliness: Prompt and timely payments are important both for your business and customers. Delayed or prolonged payment processes, which can disrepute your business, require payment methods with a payment tracking feature. The feature monitors payment reception as well as refund provision to the client, promoting business timeliness and competence.

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