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The Rising Demand for Blockchain Developers

By CIOReview | Friday, March 1, 2019

Blockchain developers’ earnings are now very high than it was six months ago, Computer World reports. Janco Associates, a consulting firm in management, reports that blockchain developers in the highest wage bracket have earned more than $4,000 annually over the last few months.

Among the various top IT jobs, data engineers, database managers, ERP data architects are few of the top-earning professionals who earn more than blockchain developers. The ERP data engineers and database managers have earned more than blockchain developers in the first quarter of 2018.

CCN reported that the U.S. blockchain developers are earning as much as Artificial Intelligence experts can earn in the technical food chain sector. As of now, the demand for top talent is very high in the tech food chain sector.

Either party, a blockchain software platform, enables consumers to create a digital agreement that is enforceable for all types of zero contract programming transactions. As the basis for cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain has received considerable attention, but technology has many uses beyond the recording of bitcoins. The breakthrough in bitcoin and the technological communities approaching the digital currency has resulted in an extremely new format for the definition of blockchain as a distributed leader. The richness of mobile apps, cloud computing, the power of big data and analytics or the infectious nature of social media are all well-established technologies and are now common in organizations.

In the financial services industry, blockchain provides guaranteed peer-to-peer payment services without the intervention of brokers or any third parties.  Microsoft revealed that job listings for the software engineers that are more skilled in blockchain tec hnology development increased by at least 30 times in 2018. 

Because of a hike in the pay for blockchain developers, there is an increased demand for technical talent, so the jobs were also on the rise. This has resulted in a job rate percentage as high as 400 percent. Glassdoor, one of the famous job sites, also reported that cryptocurrency and blockchain sector jobs have risen by 300 percent.