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The Role of A.I. and Cybersecurity in Modern Healthcare

By CIOReview | Friday, January 12, 2018

With the world going mobile and more connected, the use of IoT and AI are making the big leap in the healthcare sector as well. Technology solutions such as EMR/EHR are widely being adopted by medical practitioners. Duquesne University’s online nursing resources show that 83 percent of doctors adopted EHR systems by 2015, and that expected market worth of other connected technologies is truly staggering. Though the healthcare industry has seen spikes in some of the AI solutions in the big data as well as analytics sector, vendors such as IBM and Microsoft are potentially bringing a new revolution in the healthcare industry.

The adoption of AI is at a higher pace today, solving a variety of problems for patients, hospitals and the healthcare industry. Hospitals are harnessing the potential of machine learning, Big Data, deep learning, and AI technologies for the early detection of diseases and delivering advanced healthcare facilities. Some of the leading organizations in the healthcare landscape are harnessing the power of predictive analytics for predicting the future health conditions for a patient. By collecting a variety of data about patients from multiple sources, machine learning makes it possible to predict the risks and take the necessary precautions before any serious health symptoms are even developed.

Gazing at the cybersecurity innovations for healthcare, technologies such as machine learning is assisting medical institutions to improve their healthcare cybersecurity by automating network defenses and learning hacker behavior. Machine learning has proved to be an innovation for protecting clinical data stored on both on-premise and in the cloud. Moreover, machine learning and AI can be adopted for automating processes faster with staff monitoring almost every aspect of the network.  

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