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The Role of AI in Public Safety

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 19, 2018

Security is one of the growing critical concerns around the world. It encompasses a number of domains, from protecting airports and ports, guarding the variety of wildlife/forests and fisheries, to suppressing crime in urban areas. However, during most of the occasions, limited resources prevent the security implementation and coverage of a complete facility. These limited resources must be allocated and scheduled efficiently to avoid chances of predictability. It should be performed by simultaneously taking into account an adversary’s response to the security coverage, as well as their preferences.

With the advent of Artificial intelligence (AI), it is widely being adopted in security solutions to dramatically improve our lives. It also has a positive impact on everything from healthcare to security, governance and the economy. AI and Robotics in public safety are one of the most powerful forces that are growing for good. Today, with a variety of techniques from tireless patrol robots, game theory based monitoring of harbors and airports to predictive analytics at IoT scale, the combination of security technology and AI is helping law enforcement and citizens stay safe. However, public safety teams need to engage positively with AI to explore and effectively utilize these opportunities.

AI is different from hardware-driven robotic automation processes. Instead of the automation of manual tasks, it performs recurrent, computerized tasks in high volumes with a greater degree of accuracy. While there are still many challenges and complexities to overcome in order to either merge AI technology with legacy systems or fully replace them, we are beginning to see its impact in reshaping various operations.

The adoption of this technology offers many advantages to security professionals in both the public and the private sector. The protection of everything from the general public, officials, to sensitive data and other corporate assets requires the identification and evaluation of threat. Moreover, there is a tremendous amount of value in being able to use AI to replicate the judgment of humans. To be able to use AI to aggregate and sort through data turning it into intelligence-driven, actionable insights is a big benefit for public safety officials and private security companies. The use of such analytics will also help security departments to seamlessly modernize many security operations. By using data to identify patterns when security is compromised, or when and where certain incidents are likely to occur, both private companies and public bodies can implement proactive, preventative security strategies, ensuring a greater standard of safety.

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