The Role of AI in Revamping Construction Industry
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The Role of AI in Revamping Construction Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology by which machines use their intelligence by relying on algorithms to solve problems based on the data they receive as input. Just like in most of the industries across the globe, AI has begun to change the construction industry as well. Harnessing the potential of robotics, construction managers utilize the AI based machines to perform routine tasks that are controlled by humans earlier. Moreover, AI systems can collate and organize information for engineers to use within project planning and design implementation.

The construction industry has started adopting AI-based solutions for faster and better project completion with least error chances. Here are the four main categories in which the utilization of AI and robotics is broken down within the industry.

Planning: AI-based solutions are widely being adopted in developing construction plans today. Autonomous types of equipment are considered as AI as it is aware of its surroundings and is capable of navigation without human input. AI-based machines are used to survey a proposed construction site as it can perform the operations faster and with less error ratio. In the planning stage, such AI machines are capable of gathering information to create 3D maps, construction plans, and blueprints. While this time-consuming processes took over a week to complete, with the adoption of AI, they can be completed within not more than a day. This speeding of the processes helps firms to save not only time but also money.

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Efficient Administration: As the construction beings, advanced solutions that leverage AI are widely used for managing the project as well as controlling tasks. For instance, workers can input sick days, vacancies and sudden departures into a data system and it will adapt the project accordingly. Under such circumstances, the system can automatically transfer the task. The system searches for project managers database and finds any available person and then reassigns the task.

Strategies and Methodology: Engineers and construction companies are using AI-based solutions to identify the strategies and methodologies that should be adopted in various specific constructions. For instance, if engineers are working on a new bridge project, the advanced AI systems are able to provide advice on how the bridge should be constructed. The system suggests methodologies based on the data from past projects. It also verifies the previous constructions, the historical databases, and blueprints for providing suggestions.

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