The Role of Big Data in Businesses and Mobile App Development
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The Role of Big Data in Businesses and Mobile App Development

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The importance of Big Data in businesses is undeniable. Almost all businesses are adopting online methods in the present days, and experts of web application development make use of big data in order to improve their approach towards mobile application development. Application development methods require user data from a varied number of sources to enable end-users to make better decisions and enjoy real-time experience.

The success of most businesses are built on customer database and all data accumulated help business organizations to customize their product or service and present an upgraded version of it to their target audience. Big Data is in every aspect bigger now; the amount of data generated by users everyday has exceeded the petabyte levels. The figure of unstructured data is growing rapidly every minute. Therefore, extraction of genuine data is necessary. In addition, big data analytics is necessary to assess the value of each data and make better decisions to cater to their customers.

The main factor building up on big data technologies is the increasing popularity of mobile applications. With the increase in online interaction between businesses and customers, it has almost become necessary for the business organizations to change their approach to marketing. Big data companies are accumulating and analyzing data to help e-commerce enterprises come up with better mobile development applications which in turn is benefitting them in terms of profitability.

The overall benefits companies can enjoy by employing big data applications in their business strategy include:

• Analyze and assemble recent events in order to take control of unpredicted external situations

• Predict the future scenario of business using predictive analytics and work on it.

• Work to make mobile web applications more user-friendly.

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