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The Role of Big Data in Geolocation Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In this digital era, geolocation tops the sophisticated business tool list. Though the typical meaning of geolocation means the usage of modern technology device location target, it is widely used in different applications to locate human customer. With advancement in data sciences, geolocation is gaining prominence.

With all those collected huge volume of consumer data and without the ability to derive useful information’s from it, companies were lacking development. With big data, huge amount of data’s are scrutinized by the companies and are used for spotting customer location, worldwide. Even finding out the connection between distinct data to attract new customers and preserve the old ones have become possible.


Geofencing: It notifies businesses using radio signals or GPS when targeted customers enter a particular location. This brings a good connection between companies and their customers and big data evaluates data collected by geofencing technology and helps in enhancing shopper journey.

Beacon Technology: Using beacon technology, users are sent notification on detailed descriptions about the product, which in turn increases customer’s interest. Without big data, companies cannot even think of deploying this technology as collecting huge information about user likes and dislikes are impossible without big data.

Human Resources: With the use of big data, it has become easier to identify the eligible employees, making the work of an HR easier and enabling them to focus on qualified applicants. 

Transportation: Vast systems like railways and airports require big data to receive updates about speed, distance weather etc… for proper functioning. Nowadays even small-scale systems work on geolocation and big data.

Healthcare: Big data analytics has the capacity to reform medicine. When it comes to big data in healthcare, transferring data’s into useful information’s can reduce cost, improve patient’s health and provide employee satisfaction. It enables physicians to monitor patients irrespective of their location.

Advertising: Big data can evaluate and anticipate individual user needs regardless of their location. Big data’s algorithms targets campaigns and cut marketing cost, cleverly advertising products to the required audience.

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