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The Role of Blockchain in Education

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The widespread adoption of blockchain technology in the business world is mainly due to two reasons. One, it makes sensitive data highly shareable and simultaneously more secure. The other reason is, it takes sensitive data from the third party authorities and places into the hands of its users. When it comes to the realm of education, it means everything from taking ownership of the users’ learning credentials, to expediting one’s knowledge transfer, validating one’s informal learning achievements, streamlining the job application process, more easily. The policymakers and educators are in the early stages of using blockchain technology to teaching and learning in advanced ways. However, the potential point to a disruption of the present education system.

For the education system, blockchain will endow with a secured database that tracks record of each and every student’s individual data in these systems. This secured data can be owned by the parent or student, with proper access for teachers and administrators. The usage of blockchain can also compile an in-depth history of the student’s performance development over the years, as it is valuable to an educator, especially when a student is facing difficulty. In these circumstances, tutors frequently have to go back to see if a student has had a long-term problem or whether it is more recent, to narrow down the possibilities for a student’s struggles and effectively come to a conclusion what is needed on certain areas to help them succeed.

Succinctly, with blockchain, the education systems provide students with superior security and rights over their data by enabling school systems to be more accountable and less liable.