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The Role of Security in Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Advanced data analytics enables organizations to improve performance, and gain insights from enormous quantities of data at faster speeds. With organizations seeking to convert data into valuable insights, the modern applications of data will install a new level of agility that could help business to be better prepared for any industry changes. With companies recognizing the importance of data analytics, it is no longer good enough to settle for mediocre analytics tools that can just complete the job. To be more competitive in the industry, organizations should be able to ask increasingly complex questions about their data to make meaningful business decisions.

With the growing adoption of cloud and mobile services, information security has experienced a profound paradigm shift from traditional perimeter protection tools toward monitoring and detecting malicious activities within corporate networks. Cybercriminals and attackers are also adopting increasingly sophisticated attack strategies. The increasing role of malicious insiders in security breaches indicates that traditional approaches to information security can no longer keep up. While data analytics is gaining traction, organizations need to assure that they are fully compliant with concerned regulations.

With big data and advanced analytics, organizations will be able to respond to and tackle cyber threats more proactively and ensure that they are always prepared.

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