Roundtable Learning Introduces Mercury XRS to Train Employees
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Roundtable Learning Introduces Mercury XRS to Train Employees

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Bob Baskette, Founder and CTO

Bob Baskette, Founder and CTO

Roundtable Learning has launched a new cloud-based broadened reality (XR) management platform, Mercury XRS.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Roundtable Learning is a full-service learning and development organization. The company has launched a new cloud-based broadened reality (XR) management platform, Mercury XRS. Today, many employers are increasingly requesting for new strategies for talent development. Mercury XRS can provide the next evolution in XR learning and development with the industry’s first XRS. The solution will permit the professionals to decide who develops content, scale training for every employee, and easily manage, deliver, and report the programs.

Mercury XRS can be uploaded to the trendiest XR headsets, encouraging L&D professionals to:

• Automatically follow top training KPIs and produce visualized, easy-to-read reports.

• Push updates to XR training components with a Wi-Fi connection.

• Provide XR training worldwide to the users and locations.

“We’ve already seen a significant shift in employers toward adopting augmented and virtual reality technology in the workplace, and organizations are now realizing how impactful XR technologies can be on their business,” said Nick Day, Vice President of Sales, Roundtable Learning. “Whether you’re looking to quickly assimilate new employees to your culture or upskill your workforce, Mercury XRS makes XR training attainable for all employees in an organization, no matter where they are. It’s a tool truly designed for the future of learning.”

A recent study of PwC reported that employees in VR courses could be trained rapidly and easily compared to the classroom. They are also more assured about utilizing the new skill sets. By integrating XR into employee training programs, companies can even decrease learning times, lessen down learner mistakes, improve skill sets, and encourage long-term knowledge retention.

According to Bob Baskette, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, “Our goal is to deliver an attainable, flexible XRS that will add value to any L&D professional’s toolbox. By developing Mercury XRS in-house, we were able to tailor it to meet those goals. L&D professionals can create their own content, bring in another developer, or use it in any way that best suits their organizational goals. We’re looking forward to seeing it come to life with our customers’ content and rolling out future updates for users.”