The Search for an EMS is Now Over!
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The Search for an EMS is Now Over!

By CIOReview | Monday, August 10, 2020
Andy Howell, CEO

Andy Howell, CEO

Since energy costs are touching the sky, operators are planning to utilize a management system that can fetch them results with lesser complexities and in real-time. To everyone’s surprise, it is what the new VM-EMS does!

FREMONT, CA: KBC, a Yokogawa Company, recently announced the release of Visual MESA Energy Management System 6.1 (VM-EMS) for industrial facilities. It minimizes the energy costs by providing scheduling and optimal advice in real-time. It allows for a fast and accurate response to change the process demand, which can automatically adapt to the current operations. VM-EMS extracts information from utility systems into a single model, which can be accessed through a web browser.

“Through the right mix of rigorous simulation tools and technical expertise, we help a plant to reach its full potential and achieve strategic goals—sustainably and consistently,” stated Andy Howell, CEO of KBC.

The latest release creates on the successful track record of KBC in real-time optimization along with new capabilities for automated operations scheduling. Users have the opportunity to set up Automatic Runs regularly or on other predefined frequency. Then the system mechanically provides the optimal schedule without any intervention by the operator and saves a considerable amount of time. It also helps the users to make timely and well-organized decisions.

KBC’s VM-EMS is a web-based and mobile compliant solution. It has a brand new look of the user interface and can be accessed on any mobile device. It also allows the operators to optimize and track the energy cost and emissions on-the-go. Energy costs are a massive part of an industrial facility operating expenses. They get complicated when the environmental regulations for emissions constraints get into the scene. A significant cost saving can be possible by utilizing an energy management system, which can monitor the energy usage of the site, to propose the lowest cost utility operation. The Visual MESA Energy Management System does precisely that.

KBC was featured as one of the 20 Most Promising Simulation Solution Providers of 2018 by CIOReview. It invests in AI, which goes hand-in-hand with simulation. ML can be trained on the simulator over a live plant, and cognitive AI can triage many probable futures evaluated by the simulator. Moreover, it brings to the focus of experts only the ones, which are deemed most worthy.

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