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The Significance of Customer Experience in Data-Driven Marketing

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

In the business world where clients insist on instant gratification, having knowledge about the customer proves to be the cornerstone in answering their queries quickly and delivering enhanced customer experience.

Drives Business Value

Today customer experience has become paramount in order to retain the customer. The feedback about customer experience helps organizations to make an informed decision while investing in new products. To enhance the customer experience organizations today are developing proprietary cross-channel data analytics platforms managed by a proficient data analyst to provide the crucial business decisions.

Value over Time

Businesses have to give prominence to the customer in order to meet their expectations when it comes to products or services. According to surveys, it is said that businesses focusing on CX have a higher number of sales and increase customer retention.

Data-driven Mentality

In today’s era, the reputation of the brand lies in the hands of the customer. After all, they decide whether to purchase a certain product or not. They are the ones who share the reviews and promote the product further.

As it is essential to meet customer’s requirement, companies rarely consider the fact that CX is crucial to raise the number of valuable customers. To stay ahead of the game, businesses must adopt a data-driven approach be it a decision about how to categorize the roles or responsibilities in a company or about meeting the customer’s expectations, certain aspects like centralization of the data, detailed analytics, and data-driven marketing help companies in enhancing customer experience.