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The Threat behind 'rewarding' Enterprise IoT

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 26, 2018

The advent of IoT has made cloud-defined ‘invincible security levels’ prone to breaches. IoT connects small devices over networks to create a continuous data fabric; but by doing so, it actually connects many systems of firms to the internet and unknowingly paves the way for hackers to purloin confidential information.

IoT devices have their own operating systems which maintain their internal data storage to process information and provide accurate solutions in real time. These operating systems go beyond the jurisdiction of IT management systems and have the proclivity to be controlled by third-parties—resulting in information drained out of the company. Moreover, ITs tend to upgrade all the software programs which are used to manage hardware utilities. These sophisticated updates add value to the workflow but also pose a serious threat to the integrity of IT security as they may be used to attack the cloud-based data centers where data is generally stored.

IoT-enabled devices are easy to hack owing to the lack of robust security provisions. Once hacked by third-parties, these systems may be used to collapse the internal infrastructure of targeted enterprises as their cloud-based security systems are not well posed to identify such breaches. To mitigate these security issues, IoT-based companies are researching more in this field and proceeding forward toward creating a firewall that would be impregnable by third-parties.