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The Transformation of Aviation Industry with AI

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

AI has started to reshape the future of airline industry. Improvement has been done in the areas of flight maintenance, passenger identification, crew management, and they all have one centre objective- improving customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: The airline sector has started reshaping because of emerging technologies like IoT, VR, AI, and AR. The advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are reshaping the future for the airlines, especially in application areas like ticketing, flight maintenance, crew management, and passenger identification. Here are some of the cases where these new technologies are being used.

1. Crew Management

Each day, airline crew managers have to handle different types of people, which include pilots, engineers, and flight attendants. To reschedule a crew member, the manager has to take a note of many factors such as availability, qualification before rescheduling a crew member.

Many airline companies have already started using AI to solve the problem of rescheduling. The AI-based rostering system considers all the aspects necessary and manages the crew members efficiently.

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2. Flight Maintenance

Maintaining an aircraft can be difficult, and if not done correctly, it can cost a fortune for the airlines. In the global airline industry AI-based, predictive maintenance is becoming a trend. The AI will help the engineers to predict any technical problems in the aircraft before any disaster takes place.

3. Ticketing System

The prices of tickets in airplanes are calculated based on many parameters such as flight distance, competition, purchase date, seasonality, the brand value, and many more. The ultimate solution to this problem is AI because it can help the airline to calculate the prices of every flight efficiently. The procedure will help the companies to make a profit and also remain competitive in the market.

The trend of using the new technologies of AR, IoT, VR, and AI has just started in the airline industry. If the companies keep on progressing with the latest practices, they can receive enormous benefits in predictive management, flight scheduling, revenue management, and many more. Benefits achieved by airlines result in driving them toward their ultimate motto, the gaining of better customer experience.