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The Ugly Side of Artificial Intelligence

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 22, 2018

Authors, playwrights, screenwriters, and artists in yesteryears have lured us with narratives of a technology dependent dystopian future. Although such hyperbolic representation is still too good to be true, the world seems to steadily move towards the actualization of some aspect of it. Recently, a Netflix TV series ‘Black Mirror’ has attempted to peek into the scary future, which is over-reliant on technology. And with the proliferation of AI, even a dystopia, as depicted in Black Mirror, can soon be a reality. Even scientists of Elon Musk’s stature are worried about the unchecked growth of AI-based innovations, Musk opines “Mark my words; AI is much more dangerous than nukes, so why do we have no regulatory oversight?”

The issue that captures the attention of every technologist is that artificial intelligence and other technologies are majorly controlled by few tech behemoths, which makes the situation direr. Without proper decentralization of research and localized control, AI can prove to be a dangerous weapon in the hands of few. One of the frightening facts about AI is its ability to render billions of people jobless overnight. Although there are many counter hypothesis posited by pro-AI advocates, the truth that shimmers in the distance contradicts every such argument. As per a study, if AI is allowed to flourish unchecked, there approximately will be 2.5 billion jobless people at the clemency of the rest of the world population for food and shelter.

In conclusion, it totally depends on how we want to leverage the advancements in technology for our benefits. We can create a machine with good intentions in our mind or we can give in to our dark side, corrupt the machines and invite catastrophe.