The Value of Artificial Intelligence in CRM
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The Value of Artificial Intelligence in CRM

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What’s unknown or hidden is always feared, but once the curtain is lifted, the uncertainty vanishes. Years ago, people feared Artificial Intelligence (AI) but now after recognizing AI’s capability people are warming up to AI. Currently AI, with its immense potential, is making its presence felt in almost every industry, including CRM. By employing AI in CRM, it can provide timely response, promoting effective interaction between the customer care agent and the customer.

Whenever a customer care agent gets a call regarding queries, the agent has to analyze the entire customer profile before answering the customer. This process is time-consuming and reduces the interaction rate between the customer care agent and the customer. There are even cases where customers disconnect the call, tired of waiting for a long time. By integrating AI into the customer care systems, a major transformation is taking place in the CRM arena. With AI’s quick data analysis capability, all the individual customer profiles can be analyzed in a fraction of second with greater accuracy reducing time and enabling better interaction. Moreover, AI can also predict customer interests based on their online history and send timely notifications enabling productive experience. Additionally with AI, customers can also enable automated service.

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Recognizing AI’s ability, a myriad of companies are now planning to employ AI in their CRM operations. Top-notch companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce expect that AI will make a huge difference in CRM.

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