The Year Of Security Uprising
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The Year Of Security Uprising

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fremont: It may seem surprising, but more than financial outbursts or political crisis, ‘enterprise security’ created the most controversial headlines of 2013—Edward Snowden’s disclosure of NASA’s online surveillance programme; the repeated security breaches at tech firms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; hack attempts on sensitive government agencies across the globe—all added its own share to the headlines. These incidents forced enterprises to categorize ‘Data’ as the costliest asset they could ever have and take immensive measures to protect it. Security companies, on the other hand are gearing up to leverage the potential of this ‘Data’ to formulate innovative solutions.

“Big Data analytics will drive the next generation of enterprise security,” says Steve Bennett, President and CEO, Symantec. Many of today's targeted attacks can only be identified by sifting through and correlating massive amounts of security telemetry from an enterprise's security sensors. Enterprises don't have the bandwidth or the skills required to collect all this security data, store it, and mine it themselves. As a result, security firms will be able to offer real value in this area,” adds Steve.

While security firms are formulating new solutions, attackers on the other hand are increasingly targeting enterprises that are adopting new trends like BYOD and cloud transition. “As the internet is turning into a medieval battlefield, with armies of cyber-mercenaries being hired to hack IT-fortresses to steal know-how: commercial, scientific and governmental data, organizations have to focus on protection of data–particularly on mobile devicesand this requires investment in training, development of stronger policies and, in some cases, additional technology,” says Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Chairman, Kaspersky Lab.

In 2014, as technologies evolve and migration to the cloud becomes inevitable, security will be a core part of the equation for companies to evaluate the ultimate ROI.  The need to protect information and the desire to reduce costs will be at the centre of discussion. The firms, which will be able to tackle these situations by finding a proper security partner will ultimately emerge as the winner.

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