Thermwood Unveils 3D Additive Manufacturing Program

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

DALE, IN:  Thermwood, manufacturer of 3and 5 Axis CNC routers commits to develop a program which will improve 3D Addictive Manufacturing Systems, capable of making large carbon graphite reinforced composite thermoplastic components. The system is currently under development which is based on Thermwood’s Model 77, semi-enclosed, high wall gantry structures.

The new system will use “near net shape” approach where a relatively large extruder, mounted to the machine, is used to heat, melt and deposit, or print, carbon graphite filled thermoplastic material to quickly create a structure, later cools and hardens to the final net shape. This will assure smooth integration and increased capability and flexibility. 

The unique feature of the new system is the addition of second gantry option, allowing both “Additive” and “Subtractive” process at the same time.  Companies that already have five axis manufacturing capacity and want to work with Additive Manufacturing may only require Additive machine capability and use existing one for Subtractive process. 

Thermwood’s additive manufacturing systems will feature full six articulate additive disposition head, allowing it to build layered structures on both a horizontal plane as well as planes canted in any direction up to ninety degrees from horizontal. Management believes that this capability is an important step towards advancement in technology and will meet the requirements of complex structures.