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Things to Consider before Artificial Intelligence Adoption

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other intelligent technologies have been able to create a new wave of curiosity and enthusiasm across the digital space. The adoption of these technologies is growing at a rapid pace because of their innovative offerings. AI technologies act as fundamental technologies that help to expand human cognitive capabilities and have the potential to disrupt many traditional business processes.

Although AI technologies offer many innovative solutions, the implementation of AI-enabled solutions has not gone beyond proof of concepts (PoCs) in the form of scattered machine learning (ML) algorithms with a limited scope. The AI technology is facing one of the significant challenges like adoption in real-world industry scenario, and the myths and misunderstanding surrounding it. Many PoC projects today use basic AI solutions that need extensive human intervention to understand the outcome and to take action. On top of that, the business processes and operational conditions change continuously, which creates a new set of data entirely. The new set of data reduces the level of precision and the value that the ML algorithms can have on the data sets.

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The current AI system benefited from decades of serious research and an abundance of data. However, AI technology lacks real-life experience, which is required to make it reliably useful for companies. The technology needs to analyze abundant past and present data to offer insights to a firm; therefore, the AI solution should not be judged in the early stages while it still has little to no experience. For example, aI solutions which gained enough real-life experience such as computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP) are two of the most widely used aspects of AI today.

A change in mindset about the myths of AI technologies and an introduction of a new principle for designing distributed intelligent systems like multi-agent distributed and interconnected cognitive systems can prove to b a deciding factor in the adoption of AI solutions. The adoption of AI and other smart technologies will be able to bring more products and augmented human and intelligent machines closer, creating an efficient workforce for the future.

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