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Things to Consider Before Deploying Fully Fledged Hosted Services

By CIOReview | Monday, August 8, 2016

Innovation in technology has surpassed almost everything over the past decades, offering a plethora of options that cuts down complicated processes into manageable fragments. The challenge lies in adopting the right technology to manage the right set of functions. Nowadays, as most business operations depend on data, hosted services play an integral role by delivering trusted and organized off-site servers. But, just like any other growth oriented business initiative, making the decision on which hosted service provider to choose can turn out to be a strenuous process.

By understanding the various features of a hosted service and mastering it with a streamlined approach, you will be able to elevate the overall technological efficiency of your organization.

To gain a deep insight into the implementation process, considering the following tips may prove beneficial:

Understand the Various Types of Available Hosting Alternatives

A wide range of options are available such as the VPS (Virtual Private Server), Shared, Managed and Dedicated Web hosting. You need to choose the best solution that suits your needs.

High Availability and Top-notch Performance

An ideal hosting provider usually portrays and incorporates a detailed plan that meets the quality standards of any organization. They effectively deliver superior performance, availability and well defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Select Solutions that Offer Exceptional Technical Support

A coherent technical support from the vendor’s side acts as a driving force for every successful hosted solution. The facility should include assistance from highly trained technicians and should also be available 24/7 for enterprises.

The Ability to Continuously Monitor Operations

As your enterprise experiences a substantial growth, your website will also generate more traffic, making it crucial to monitor constantly. Your web hosting provider should be capable enough to upgrade and effectively manage your growing traffic.

The Gravity of a Backup Solution

Enterprises who understand the significance of data also know the importance of effectively safeguarding it in a systematic manner. This approach helps them avoid great losses in business. It is crucial to understand that a secure and simple remote backup solution encrypts valuable data by incorporating an additional layer of protection.

Know Your Vendor’s Hardware

Any hosted vendor is considered efficient only if its hardware and software functions in a highly synchronized manner. Always go for vendors using high quality servers that are specifically designed to work together.

Evaluate the Price

Affordable hosted solutions do not always come along with the expected level of reliability. It is also important to ensure whether the vendor facilitates an in-house support department, and not an out-sourced one. A pack of in-house support and reliable hardware is always expensive. Before making up your mind, comparing the features and fees offered by each provider is a wise initiative. Considering the best solution provider is vital, rather than worrying about the expense.

Don’t Ignore the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

An SSL Certificate is considered as one of the most vital features that a service provider is always expected to offer. It effectively stages a secure connection between browsers and a web server through an encrypted link, allowing users to handle sensitive information such as identity or credit card numbers.

Safeguard your Emails against Threats

Emails play and integral role in a company’s communication process. Therefore, it is essential to know what email features are offered by your service provider. To stay secured in all aspects, ensure that your provider offers advanced protection for your email addresses to tackle potential malwares and viruses.

Protection against Spam

Just like securing emails, you must also consider spam protection. Most hosted service vendors offer this security feature to scan websites and protect their customers from any type of malicious malware.

Read Customer Reviews

To gain a deep insight into your service provider’s efficiency and reliability factors, reading reviews of the vendor’s former and current customers online is always a recommended course of action. This step may effectively expose their drawbacks and you will be able to find valuable information about their customer support department. It will include information on functions such as the average response time for a ticket, ease of contact for support, and their honesty in ensuring whether all the technical issues have been successfully rectified.

Collaborating with a hosting firm that delivers poor quality of services may produce serious complications in your company’s operations. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out a detailed analysis and choose someone with an incredible track record in web hosting services. Choose your service provider wisely and stay focused on making headway in your business.