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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Smart Lock for Your Door

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 25, 2019

There Is No Doubt That Smart Lock Is One Of The Best Way To Keep Your House Safe But There Are Few Things That you Must Consider Before Purchasing One Of Them.

FREMONT CA: With so many options in the market, it is quite natural to fumble for the right key for opening the door, and it can be highly frustrating. Nowadays, people mostly prefer electronic or smart locks, which can be unlocked through a button, an app, or by just being in close proximity of the door. While all these locks provide the same service, they vary in specialties and features, so it is better to research thoroughly before purchasing the perfect match for your door. 

Below given is a compiled list of questions that must be asked before purchasing a smart lock.

1.    What is the importance of a Smart Lock?

This is the most fundamental question that must be asked before purchasing a smart lock. There are five reasons why one may want to get a smart lock.

  • Streamlines guest access.
  • Access to physical key as a backup.
  • Convenience.
  • Improved security.

2.   Why does the Smart Lock need a Video Camera?

Every smart lock must be equipped with a video camera as it enables us to have visual verification. The visual component in a smart lock is beneficial for the owners who:

  • Let service people inside their house when they are not there.
  • Want to keep track of their children.
  • Rent their home or greet guests.

3.    What Kind of Access and Connectivity Should the Lock Provide?

 For a smart lock, connectivity is essential as they can be linked through many networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is necessary to know the range from where the door will be operated and fix connectivity in accordance with it.

However, along with proper connectivity, the lock must also have spare keys; otherwise, there are high chances of getting locked inside a house during situations like a power outage, severe weather or dead battery. Therefore, before purchasing a lock, one must consider the flexibility of the lock, and it is always better to have a spare key.

4.    Does the Smart Lock Match with the Door?

The last thing one should do is to buy a lock that does not fit on the door. Before purchasing a lock, it is essential to research the requirements of the door, and pay attention to the appropriate sizes. Each may not be compatible with every door, and it is better to go for a simple lock that is easy to use.

There are various models and brands of smart lock in the market to choose from, but one must consider all the points before purchasing the lock.

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