Things to Deliberate while Choosing a Business Analytics Tool
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Things to Deliberate while Choosing a Business Analytics Tool

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 11, 2019

Business intelligence (BI) is one of the essentials for businesses that want to reach the pinnacle of success. It is a process of analyzing a company’s data to gain actionable insights into the business processes, which help the decision makers in an organization to make informed decisions.

Various companies offer BI tools that help businesses to optimize their processes. However, organizations need to choose an appropriate solution that suits their requirement. Here are a few tips for choosing an efficient BI tool:

Integration: Organizations gather data through various internal and external data sources. Efficient analysis of data from all the sources is crucial for companies, as it provides multi-dimensional information about a company’s operations. Therefore, organizations need to choose a BI tool that enables them to integrate all the data sources on the BI platform.

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Easy to use interface: Business analytics tool has the ability to guide a client who has zero knowledge about information through the model creation process. Business analysts should look for adaptability and an easy to use UI in their BI tools, which allows them to streamline the processes without any hassles.

Mobile Friendly: Smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become a part of a person’s everyday life. Businesses need to select a mobile-friendly BI platform, which will allow business officials in the company to analyze the report, diagrams, graphs, designs and other offerings of a BI solution from any location.

Data security: Data security is paramount for businesses as any loss to the data can result in catastrophic consequences for a company. Furthermore, most of the organizations have shifted to cloud services which have enhanced the need to secure the data. Business analytics tools should have a powerful encryption mechanism to protect a company’s data against any potential threat.

Real-time data: An analysis of obsolete or old data can have no effects on the operations of a company. BI tools need to have a mechanism to gather real-time data for analysis that can help businesses to be updated about their services and applications.

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