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This Silicon Valley AI Startup Helps Businesses With Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2021

In every business, data cataloging is not enough, and the real victory is how the organization uses its data to find answers and derive insights.

Fremont, CA: The largest enterprises are often susceptible to the disruption caused by agile, digital native challengers. To overcome this, the largest and incumbent organizations should innovate and take advantage of the growing global partner system. They should take bold attempts instead of running away from innovators by taking advantage of the different technologies in the market place. One possible way to achieve this is by building technology or IT team capable of addressing the challenges. Also, not every business can become successful unless they are experts in the field such that they need no partner to work with.

Three Silicon Valley AI startups help businesses seize the advantage of technology to avoid the disruption in this digital era. Data cataloging is not enough because identifying data is only half of the battle. The real victory is how the organization uses its data to find answers and derive insights.

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Promethium, a Silicon Valley AI startup, focuses on making analytics easier by integrating all the disparate and fractured data sources within large enterprises. While the current processes involve seven arduous steps, including discover data, move data, prep data, SQL statement, query data, visualize data, and govern data, the end result is not apparent. The Silicon Valley AI startup, making sure of the process that would be more intuitive for business users, has flipped the ‘outdated’ analytics process. It works such that on its unified platform, users can ask a question, the data is then automatically discovered and assembled across all sources with AI, the query is then run, and the results are validated. In short, the entire seven-step process is automated end-to-end.

Promethium has collaborated with various partners and jointly works with them to support its integration into the enterprise. It works with companies like Oracle for data sourcing, Starbust and Tableau for data virtualization, Caliber for data cataloging, and so on, to ensure easy accessibility of data by business people. This solution is a combination of machine intelligence and human intelligence; however, it doesn’t override the human’s role.

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