ThreadSuite Unveils Its Mobile and Cloud Sales Platform for Golf Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: ThreadSuite, a provider of sales solution for wholesale companies, unveils its sales management and analytics technology to the golf industry. The mobile and cloud sales platform is designed to eliminate paper works, faxes, and Excel spreadsheets and enables brands to chase more customers and gain market share.

ThreadSuite platform integrates sales and overall management process, enabling brands to showcase their products for improving their sales and order accuracy. The platform delivers business insights to the management to keep in track with the products what’s selling and what’s, significantly resulting in improved production decisions. It also allows managers to analyze their real-time sales data via dashboard and integrates orders with their systems, thereby avoiding mistakes which lead to huge loss in sales. This enables sales representatives and buyers to leverage ThreadSuite iPad and online apps, making make whole sale easier and faster.

“The golf industry has a particular set of challenges: more brands are chasing fewer customers; the number of retail shops is declining; and brands are fighting to gain market share.  ThreadSuite enables brands to tackle these challenges. Brands can sell how they want to sell– at trade shows, door to door, or on the web,” stated ThreadSuite’s Chief Customer Officer, Larry Brown.