ThreatModeler Drops IaC-Assist and CloudModeler Making DevSecOps More Accessible to Businesses
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ThreatModeler Drops IaC-Assist and CloudModeler Making DevSecOps More Accessible to Businesses

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 7, 2021

IaC Assist and CloudModler are helping businesses to streamline their processes by assisting them in reviewing their IAC in real time to improve developer productivity.

Fremont, CA: Organizations have adopted IaC to create and deploy scalable cloud implementations faster and at lower costs. It works well with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). However, the IaC tool can occasionally be used as a point of entry for threats to the core infrastructure. ThreatModeler, a leader in cloud infrastructure security from design to deployment, has released IaC-Assist and CloudModeler, allowing businesses to adopt full DevSecOps. Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) in real-time enables ongoing visibility into undiscovered weaknesses in application architecture in the latest iteration of the company's solution.

Many businesses are turning to IaC to assist them in streamlining their processes. This, however, exposes organizations of all sizes to a new set of risks. IaC-Assist enables DevOps teams to review their IaC in real time. It increases developer productivity by finding design flaws or vulnerabilities, clarifying the problem, and providing contextual suggestions for change at the right time.

ThreatModeler uses secure-by-design principles to give actionable insights via continuous monitoring, allowing DevOps teams to detect and fix security problems before they become code vulnerabilities. The quick remediation features of this update decrease risk while also ensuring proper compliance and governance measures post-deployment by allowing developers to comprehend the full extent of their code.

“We’ve learned that security practitioners are concerned about the speed of cloud migration because security policies are often overlooked during deployment,” comments Archie Agarwal, Founder and CEO, ThreatModeler. “With the launch of IaC-Assist, ThreatModeler is bringing security into the development environment, providing real-time guidance as DevOps teams write Infrastructure-as-Code.”

ThreatModeler now allows enterprises to reduce threat drift from code to cloud with CloudModeler and IaC-Assist.

“CloudModeler did not just empower our team with visibility into the threats facing our cloud infrastructure,” states Abhishek Rath, Sr. Product Security Engineer, Sisense. “It also enables us to push security to the left in our CDLC. The real-time capabilities of CloudModeler illustrated the interconnectivity of our product data, empowering us to determine how to secure our growing technology offerings most efficiently.”