Threatstream Adds Intel 471 To Its Alliance Preferred Partner (App) Store

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

REDWOOD CITY, CA: ThreatStream®, one of the prime enterprise-class threat intelligence platform providers, announced the addition of Intel 471 to its Alliance of Preferred Partners (APP) Store. The addition of Intel 471 will offer latest premium threat intelligence feeds to ThreatStream’s APP Store. The threat intelligence feeds will help organizations and government agencies to keep track of threats and vulnerabilities that affect their organizations and their customers.

Customers of ThreatStream can try and subscribe to threat intelligence feeds available through ThreatStream APP Store. The threat intelligence Platform offered by ThreatStream® in conjunction with Intel 471 will provide comprehensive threat-data for organizations that helps them examine potential threat and eliminate the threat proactively.

Intel 471 focuses on the individual threat actors and groups that pose a threat to organizations. When Intel 471 detects cyber-attack, the primary response of Intel 471 is to locate the attack and mitigate the malware with the latest cyber threat intelligence information. Intel 471 also assesses the attribution of the cyber-attack and helps organizations to identify motivation behind the attack and also reveals the identity of the source responsible for the attack. Intel 471 also provides segmented threat-intelligence feeds to capture vulnerable data to identify the relevant cyber-threat. With subscription, customers can access the latest intelligence feeds to lessen the impact of threat actively.

“One of our key challenges is how do we best enable our customers to consume our actor-centric cyber threat intelligence information. Partnering with ThreatStream through the APP Store will enhance the ability of our customers to consume our data-set alongside other sources of intelligence. We see ThreatStream as a key part of the threat intelligence ecosystem and are proud to be working with them on being force multipliers for our joint customers," said Mark Arena, CEO of Intel 471.