ThreatStream now Anomali launches Two New Products

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 1, 2016

REDWOOD CITY, CA: ThreatStream, the provider of enterprise-class threat intelligence management platform for threat prioritization, would be calling itself Anomali from now on. The renaming of this cyber security solution provider was followed by the rolling out of company’s two new products. The  new name conveys its mission of equipping the customers to deal with breach exposures to anomalous or undesirable threats in their network. The two new products namely Harmony Breach Analytics and Anomali Breach Detection Service were launched in the market for mid-to-large and small-to-medium sized organizations. The new products aid in securing IT environment by locating attack during any phase of attack chain, leveraging threat intelligence. 

"Today's security technologies were never meant to ingest the growing millions of threat intelligence indicators that are now readily available. These indicators are rightly seen as critical to an active defense strategy. However the ability to exploit their value has not tracked their explosive growth in volume. We see threat intelligence as the new Big Data challenge," said Hugh Njemanze, CEO, Anomali. "For perspective, we are currently managing close to 100 million threat indicators for any given customer and growing exponentially, up from 10 million only a year ago. Harmony Breach Analytics and Threat Analysis Reports Service were purpose-built to offload the work of digesting the raw volumes of threat intelligence from the existing security tools and instead directly deliver to those same tools the actionable information needed to drive security workflows." he added.

Besides the upgraded ThreatStream 6.0 Threat Intelligence Platform, the Harmony Breach Analytics co-acts with the existing threat intelligence feeds for security operations personnel, incident responders, and prioritizes investigation activities for threats.  Intelligence driven security workflows are supported by sending the threat matches back to the company’s SIEM. The new scalable security solution aids in creating threat intelligence with relevance beyond threat exposure window often mentioned in threat research. The product offers intelligence with relevance and benefits the security team by performing retrospective analysis and setting up intelligence-driven SOC.

On the other hand, Anomali Breach Detection Service takes in the raw log data from companies and helps them in breach detection with their threat intelligence data. This subscription service generates reports to which security metrics are offered for inbound and outbound threats and adversary research in live links. The reports, generated using the SMB threat analysis, enable the staff to take action, assure security and prevent investment in expensive security infrastructure.