Three Basic Principles of Risk Management and Value Creation
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Three Basic Principles of Risk Management and Value Creation

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Prototyping is an element of the product development process. A prototype presents a strong visualization of the model to understand the look and feel of the end product. It helps the team to comprehend better the purpose of designing, what they are designing and for whom they are designing. Medtech innovators are focusing on providing the value the device will bring to the market and mitigate the risks that could restrict its progress.


It is essential to aim towards providing a real impact on the way healthcare is delivered. By this, it means that healthcare organizations must demonstrate significant changes in patient outcomes and quality of life. Organizations must introduce medical devices that speed up the recovery time, and also minimizes hospital readmissions. For this, organizations would require a considerable amount of data which can be attained through clinical trials. Hence, organizations need to prove the value of their devices to accomplish their next achievement.

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Healthcare organizations need to be particular about patient safety if the device fails. Therefore, that’s one set of risks that should be carefully monitored and managed throughout the development phase. It is essential to be aware of other risk factors that can restrict the product from entering the market which includes clinical, regulatory, legal, payment and market risks. Hence, it becomes significant to construct a strategy and address these issues to the potential investors. A functional prototype would not be useful if there are no strategies planned to discuss an existing patient blocking the way.


Medtech innovators are aware that their resource generation is limited and many times they end up spending the resources on wrong things. Hence, medical product development must aim towards charting the path forward in a manner that the funds are spent efficiently and also the organization must remain competitive in the long run.

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