Three New Application Connectors launched, as Badgeville Extends Gamification

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Launch of three new Application Connectors was announced by Badgeville to extend its behavior motivation and rewards platform across three of the most popular platforms as reported by PR Newswire. The global leader in digital motivation, Badgeville through these Application Connectors will extend gamification to customer support, collaboration and e-learning platforms of Zendesk, IBM Connections and Skillsoft respectively. The enterprise customers will be enabled by these new connectors to motivate and gain better user behavior visibility and improved performance by expanding reward opportunities.

As explained by motivational researcher Daniel Pink, “The secret to high performance isn't rewards and punishments, but that unseen intrinsic drive, the drive to do things for their own sake, the drive to do things because they matter."  Many studies have also supported the fact that intrinsic motivators, such as peer recognition and reputation attainment can improve an employee’s performance better than extrinsic motivators, such as financial compensation. But, to measure and deliver these intrinsic motivators is far difficult. Enterprises today use various applications and platforms which has caused behavioral insights to get siloed within each platform.

Badgeville by the virtue of its Application Connectors is able to deliver a solution that makes organizations able to aggregate, measure and intrinsically motivate desired behaviors across a wide application landscape. They can guide and motivate performance and deliver rewards inside the applications employees use every day by using Badgeville’s platform. Many new customer and employee success applications have been added by the three new connectors launched by the firm. "Extending Badgeville gamification solution to a wider range of enterprise applications is a central theme of our strategy. These connectors tie directly into the application schema, making it fast and easy to deploy a robust digital motivation solution that can transform application-level activities into motivating events, enabling customers to realize greater value from investments in both technology and talent,” explained Jon Shalowitz, CEO, Badgeville.

The platforms of Zendesk, IBM and Skillsoft will be enabled by these connectors to measure, motivate and reward both internal support staff and customer community members, to track, encourage and recognize team engagement, and to incentivize training participation.