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Three Tools for a Better Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, December 10, 2018

Customer attention span is reducing and few second delays in loading a website can translate to losing a client. Online platforms are more accessible than physical stores, and these online platforms make shopping easier for customers. This makes Customer Experience (CX) essential for organizations but applying it and improving it remains a challenge. Organizations tussle with external factors, internal operations, and processes that determine excellent customer experience. There are tools to improve overall business efficiency. Here are a few tools that can help companies improve customer experience:

Live Chat

Live chat makes the website efficient. The visitor or the customers don’t have to leave the site to solve their queries. The live chat button or the pop-up allows customers to ask questions and get their replies instantly. Some live chat platforms guide customers beyond simple communication. As an example, some platforms allow co-browsing by taking temporary control over the customer’s browser and guide them to the desired products or pages on the website. This results in customers finding answers quickly.

Mobile Customer Support

Individuals reach for their phones when they have a query, or when they are looking for a solution. But when they are using mobile devices, what kind of CX are they experiencing? Customers may face difficulty in navigation or an unclear display and more. While mobile web browsers have improved significantly, they are still not as good as desktop or laptops. When customers have bad CX on their mobile devices, they often call the company directly increasing the demand for Tier One agent support. For SMBs, a viable option is to opt for customer service platforms instead of revamping their current mobile web design.

Funnel Analysis in Customer Experience Digital

Data is a powerful medium to provide excellent online customer experience. Funnel analysis pinpoints the reason behind the customer not reaching the end goal. Equipped with this information, an organization can make suitable improvements to enhance customer experience. It also helps in monitoring online consumer behavior. Organizations struggle to maintain a balance between external and internal affairs affecting digital customer experience because online customer experience demands clarity and optimization in all interaction points. Organizations must adopt efficient tools that improve customer’s digital experience.