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Thycotic to assist IT Weapons in reducing Cyber Risk for Global Client Base

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Ted Garner, Co-Founder & CEO, IT Weapons

Ted Garner, Co-Founder & CEO, IT Weapons

WASHINGTON: In a major announcement made by Thycotic, it was publicized that the firm will assist IT Weapons in reducing a major attack vector surrounding sensitive client system passwords. Thycotic is a leading provider of enterprise privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 3,500 global organizations and will accomplish their objective by storing, managing and auditing credentials in a centralized console.

IT Weapons has been actively managing more than 11,000 devices in their private cloud, and supports hundreds and thousands of systems for clients for the last 15 years. The systems include networks, applications, databases, virtualized environments, cloud infrastructure and more. Technical consultants and help desk technicians are given access to clients' privileged accounts, and credentials in order to deliver the highest quality of service. With the help of Thycotic, IT weapons would now strengthen their services. "Security is going to remain paramount, and is a critical piece to our growth. We know it's an important part of our future, but its partners like Thycotic that will be flexible and grow with us that makes it a critical partnership for our ongoing growth,” said Ted Garner, Co-Founder & CEO, IT Weapons.

Thycotic will help IT Weapons in accessing a comprehensive audit trail which will include information about “who” used “what” credentials and “when”. This will check a major box for internal security audits. “We saw a need in the market around cyber threats and our experience in mitigating cyber attacks helped us create specialized software that allows companies to organize their most sensitive security audits." remarked Jonathan Cogley, CTO & Founder, Thycotic.

Thycotic will also eliminate the burden of manual password changing and ensure accounts have strong, complex passwords by changing passwords automatically on privileged accounts and endpoints. This will greatly reduce attack on the passwords and plans of the IT Weapon’s Clientele and will expand the solution into more use cases in the future.