ThyssenKrupp Partners with Microsoft, CGI to Build IoT-driven Elevators
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ThyssenKrupp Partners with Microsoft, CGI to Build IoT-driven Elevators

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: ThyssenKrupp, an elevator manufacturer, collaborates with Microsoft and CGI to create a connected, intelligent line-of-business asset monitoring system that enhances elevator reliability to new heights. The company has launched MAX, a system of ‘urban efficiency’ which runs via Microsoft Azure’s Internet of Things (IoT) enabled technology. The potential of IoT is drawn by connecting its elevators to the cloud, gathering data from its sensors and transforming that data into valuable business intelligence.

With Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) service, ThyssenKrupp has a clear picture about the elevator operations and maintenance in the future. The system contains an intelligent information loop: data from elevators is fed into dynamic predictive models, which continually updates datasets via seamless integration with the Intelligent Systems Service. This system elevate the mode of transport from ‘out of service’ to ‘as a service’, through a series of technical improvements.

ThyssenKrupp can now use the Intelligent Systems Service to capture that data, transmit it into the cloud and combine it into a single dashboard that serves up two basic types of data: alarms that indicate an immediate issue, and events, which are stored and used for management. The solution provides technicians instant diagnostic capabilities, using Power BI for Office 365 for rich, real-time data visualization. Thereby technicians can use real time data that define a needed repair before a breakdown happens, instead of waiting for the failure alarm. 

By enhancing the datasets and predictive modeling, the company will have a competitive edge, transforming maintenance operations, cutting operating costs, increasing elevator uptime and giving the world’s burgeoning cities a lift they can rely on.

The company believes its new MAX system will improve productivity by cutting lift service outages by half. The innovative system raises the reliability and availability of the lifts with an innovative service that uses remote monitoring. It uses intelligent agents to indicate service technicians about the needs of the lift, including the identification of repairs, component replacements and system maintenance.

“Our mission is to transform a century-old industry that has relied on established technology until now. We are very pleased to take ThyssenKrupp into the digital era and change the way the elevator industry offers maintenance services,” said Schierenbeck, CEO, ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

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