TigerText Efficient Messaging Platform to Enhance Patient Care

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Brad Brooks, CEO, TigerText

Brad Brooks, CEO, TigerText

SANTA MONICA, CA: TigerText, one of the leading providers of securing messaging for healthcare, has been selected by the New Hampshire Health Information Organization (NHHIO), New Hampshire’s network for secure digital exchange of patient health information. Effective patient communication among the doctors, patients and healthcare givers not only helps in upgrading the quality of patient care but also reduces the readmission rates in hospitals. Further, sharing of patient information among the healthcare organizations can also facilitate in timely and informed decisions concerning diagnosis, surgery or further treatments. To deliver great quality care among the patients, NHHIO, a provider of digital exchange of patient’ health information, has selected TigerText to implement its secure messaging tool. The new partnership aims at connecting NHHIO securely, and streamlining the process of patient care and digital data sharing.

In today’s healthcare environment, most caregivers are facing challenges of time constraint for efficient patient interaction procedures. With increasing number of usage in the mobility and smartphones in healthcare industry, the medical institutions are employing automated technology—notifications via SMS and emails to enhance intense patient care at all levels—pre admissions, and post discharge. NHHIO, a non-profit organization chose TigerText messaging platform for its potential to help software developers in building and integrating secure messaging capabilities into any application. The patient data exchange in real-time via SMS among the healthcare communities also improves the coordination of care.

TigerText’s encrypted messaging platform will enable physicians, nurses, and care providers to connect with each other—offering efficient coordination in information exchange. “We want to play a greater role in helping physicians and nurses by facilitating the flow of information and increasing the quality of the healthcare services,” says Brad Brooks, CEO and co-founder of TigerText. As a cloud based technology, TigerText’s platform also helps in mission critical situations like the power failures, and hacking by providing complete security of the information.

Many TigerText customers found that through the messaging platform, they were able to seek help concerning medication especially post medical discharge from hospitals. Many patients were also able to reduce the average length of their stay in hospitals by nearly two days; saving over $1 million a year. “As a key partner of NHHIO, we can now greatly improve care quality and patient safety by delivering secure patient health information efficiently,” adds Brooks.