Time Domain Launches PulsON 440 Module for High-Performance Ultra Wideband

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 27, 2015

HUNTSVILLE, AL: The Ultra Wideband Developer, Time Domain, released PulsON 440 (P440) series of UWB ranging, radar and communication module. It features a silicon chip and includes benefits like reduced chip size, better power consumption and extended interface.

P440 module is created by combining two of their custom chip—SiGe chips (Pulser and Analog Front End) into a single chip which is smaller and more efficient, as it highlights the company’s new Fully Integrated Front End (FIFE) custom UWB chip. The P440 function as a monostatic or multistatic short range radar sensor that allows distance measurement and reflects targets within its scan range operable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The size of the FIFE based module is approximately about the size of the credit card (56 mm x 89 mm) and offers multiple interface options like Ethernet, USB, Serial, SPI and CAN that consume less power as compared to its previous models like P410 and P412 platforms.

Time Domain will use its existing suite of ranging/localization and radar/sensing software to provide precise distance measurement with high updates rate and high multipath environment. Users are also provided with network and location layer software and sample codes to custom navigate and track application.

The P440model is designed to resist any high shock and high vibration environment with application for proximity and intrusion detection and non-cooperative tracking. It also has GPS-denied navigation and mapping, along with collision avoidance for remote controlled vehicles and robots.

“The release of the P440 comes at a critical time for our user community. Our industrial customers have already proven that PulsON UWB technology reliably provides exceptional performance in the most challenging environments. This new radio will enable them to deploy on a massive scale,” says Rachel Reinhardt, President and CEO of Time Domain.