Time to Purge Passwords Across the Globe

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FREMONT, CA: With the world digitizing for a better place to live in, security and privacy of the users is the pre-eminent requirement. Passwords have served the humanity for long times and acted as the strongest cuirass, but people today have started to breach the security, creating a great concern to the user’s privacy. In a data breach, such as the ones that have occurred at eBay about, 145 million users were asked to change their passwords with Adobe having 36 million users who faced the similar problem and JP Morgan Chased 76 million users as noted by Richard Reiner in Tech Crunch.

The cryptography of the password by the network operators plays an important role in preventing the security breach. Users today have many accounts in different apps and to remember passwords of so many different application accounts is difficult for the user, so better forms of authentications need to be used instead of password. The different authentication techniques available today include Fingerprint Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Iris Scans, Voice Recognition and many others. But Richard feels modern authentications cannot completely purge the passwords because these authentications are affected by the environment conditions.

NSA (National Security Agency) is testing gesture software that would recognize the writing style of the user, proving to be a better solution to replace password. Lockheed Martin technology came up with innovative gesture software technology called Mandrake secure gesture. Mandrake a computer software that features Gesture Recognition Technology for user authentication and encryption-decryption of digital files which includes audio, video, text, binary, still images, graphics and multimedia files. The technology examines not only the writing style, but the pressure, rhythm and time to execute the writing. Biometric scanners permits user login to the bank account on phone or PC, letting the user execute transactions without entering a password. But still Biometric isn’t a foolproof authentication as any outsider might use the fingerprints to access the users account. To find an alternate to the Biometric advancements came up with Iris Scan, but it the drawbacks that restricted its implementation is that a person with disabilities in the eye might find difficulties in the Iris Scan.

If not the password the other bait used to fish out the accounts is to get into guessing questionnaire. Hackers search the information related to user and then fish out the account. This pin-down of the security is a concern for the hourglass. Authentication needs to be more ironclad than before and so Richard feels that password won’t disappear but the pain associated with it will be reduced in the coming years.