Tintri Announces Cloud Service Provider Solution to Enhance Revenue Opportunities

By CIOReview | Monday, February 22, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Tintri, a VM-aware storage (VAS) producer company announced the launch of their proprietary solution for cloud services. The solution dubbed as Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution will provide an easy way to cloud service providers (CSPs) to purchase new facilities and mark their growth with Tintri. This new evolution will also provide transparent VM-level analytics, differentiated services and higher performance to their customers.

Cloud Service Providers requires a storage that can provide scalability, reliability and higher performance to their cloud infrastructures. Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution fulfills cloud service requirements and enables them to survive in current competitive market and grow at their own pace. The firm provides multi level storage performance in the similar array as to VM-level quality of service (QoS) policies. It also provides real-time solution and predictive analytics to increase opportunities and infrastructure visibility at every VM level to increase the troubleshooting capabilities.

This solution of Tintri is available for all VAS systems and software’s of Tintri. The technology provides a capability of dynamic assigning service for policies to Tintri Global Center that manages real time VM-level analytics to more than 100,000 VMs. Along with that, it allows smoother transfer capability and retains similar service while Virtual Machines are transferred to different stores.

“For cloud service providers, storage is a critical component of cloud infrastructure, but one that has not seen the same level of automation and agility as virtualization and network,” said Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman, Tintri. “Every CSP is looking for an edge with customers and competitors, and Tintri storage can provide that edge. CSPs are one of Tintri’s fastest growing markets. Our CSP customers use Tintri to guarantee high performance to their customers and to create tiers of storage by policy instead of using different storage platforms. Plus, they can identify upsell opportunities and address chargeback with per-VM real-time analytics. Tintri VM-aware storage was designed to provide more storage value for virtualized environments, and cloud is a highly virtualized use case.”