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Tips for CIOs to make a successful AI team

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Organizations, all over the world, today are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to stay alive in the growing competition. Creating a successful artificial intelligence strategy paves the growth for an organization. AI strategies lead business leaders to the organizational successes by providing a foundation where data, AI, and experts work together methodically.

Organizations’ increasingly turning to AI and machine learning is making the picture clearer of what it takes to be successful with real-world AI. The combination of data science, machine learning tools and machine learning platforms which are accessible with the cloud are fueling the trend of opting AI strategies more.

To make the most of AI in the organizations, CIOs (Chief Information Officer) should have a strong team of AI practitioners in the premise. CIOs need to invest in new software applications or platforms necessary for AI and transform the existing system to be supportive to the increasing AI initiatives.

Assembling: To meet the business needs, CIOs should assemble an AI team consists of subject matter expertise (Data Engineer), software engineering skills (Software Developer) and the ability to translate learning algorithms into actual business value (Data scientists). Data engineer fetch the information that an organization collects and make the information ready to be processed by AI and machine learning system. Then the data scientist tests out different algorithms to check which one performs best and adapts them to get worthwhile predictions. The software developers then collect the information to deliver actual applications incorporating them.

Proper understanding: Moreover, CIOs should ask the vendors how AI in a particular product will benefit end users or how the vendors manage risks with AI products or how the products are superior in the competition. Because AI in a product introduces risks, complexities and costs. CIOs also should understand how vendor’s products use AI and whether the products will incorporate well with the data and processes of the organizations.

Process of recruiting: CIOs should recruit right talent and people with right skills which will go well with the organizations. They should ask before recruiting how the person will benefit the organization. As knowing AI and incorporating with it are two different things. They can make partnerships with the universities because universities produce a modest number of PhDs each year in the field.

It is not an easy task to create AI strategy. Various technologies are adopting it. If organizations and CIOs come up with the proper AI team and plans, the business will flourish by immense growth.