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Tips for Leveling Up Company's Knowledge Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: A smart self-service strategy can capture the power of institutional knowledge, tips, tricks, and hacks to aid a relevant, customer-centric experience. The self-service gets more complicated as the business grows on new lines with the addition of products, and brands. The two keys to maintaining relevant content in case of complex organizations are:

1.  Keeping it Simple

With content being customized for use across various platforms and channels, it can become increasingly difficult to keep it minimalistic and relevant. Half the challenge in creating appropriate content is to ensure that the data is discoverable so that the right information is deployed at the right time. The right content, when adopted at the stage where customers are the center of decision-making, should be able to personalize and fit their needs.

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The setting up of a brand or product-specific help center is the right way to create brand-right experiences. Another step in the right direction is to keep it simple for the customers to self-serve, irrespective of the companies’ internal structure.

It is necessary to acknowledge that not all companies are equal, and neither are customers, so it is essential for the organization, navigation, and brand self-service to be flexible.

2.  Powering up the Team

The usage of technology and automation can assist in decreasing the load on management; it can also provide the necessary flexibility to construct custom experiences as the company scales, includes guidance on intellectual and data-driven content creation, and ensures that the content created is regularly updated.

By choosing an agile approach towards maintaining and creating content, the team can be kept involved positively. The creation of articles for a veritable forest of topics can be backfiring. It is most reasonable to keep things simple for customers and content creators.

It is a negative feature when the content is muddied in a search result, which is why an AI-powered solution, can be utilized to either cut down the content or beef it up when in concern with high-impact topics.

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Sophisticated back-end support can maintain an open feedback loop between the content and the subject-specific experts.

While customers prefer self-service, it can sometimes miss the mark, and the results will be reflected in the internal complexity of the company. The utilization of the right technology and process in the right stage will make the building of self-service experiences easy for the team and sensible for the customers.

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