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Tips for the Hotel Industry to Operate Smartly with IoT

By CIOReview | Friday, September 20, 2019

To boost customer engagement and increase brand-loyalty, hotels can embrace the Internet of Things. IoT will make the employees more productive, which will be the source to drive business growth. Hotels can also accomplish their mission of offering the guests a place that feels like home.

FREMONT, CA: There are numerous hotels that are deploying the Internet of things (IoT) solutions that do more than just collecting data. The application uses devices, analytics, sensors, networks, augmented reality (AR), and artificial technology (AI) to enrich customer experience. It also helps the hotels to grow their revenue, improve energy efficiency, cost savings, and information security.

Here are some of the reasons for considering IoT solutions to improve the guest experience.

Improve Customer Experience

Nowadays, most of the people live a digitalized life for which maximum of them want the hotels to use similar advanced technologies. Most hotels have managed to make themselves technologically available to improve customer experience. Guests can use their mobile phones to check-in and check-out and also use mobile applications to choose their hotel rooms.

In some hotels, guests also can also use their smartphone as a remote for operating television, AC, lights, and fans. This can help alert the hotel's cleaning staff members on a guest's check-out, which helps them speed up the process of cleaning.

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Eliminate Pain Points with Asset Tracking

With the connected devices placed indoor and outdoor, it becomes easy for the employees to find any machinery that is immediately required, such as luggage carts. Trackers eliminate waiting time for employees as they do not have to search for the equipment. IoT solution trackers can also track the service trays left in a hallway. The trackers are one of the valuable assets for hotels as they make the work of the employees faster, and the guests do not have to wait.

Save Time and Money with Energy-Efficient Features

The IoT can be a game-changer when it comes to hotel efficiency. Connected services can predict maintenance of equipment and help in fixing the problem before it starts affecting the guest. When people leave their hotel room, smart light, and occupancy sensors can automatically detect and turn off the television, lights, and other facilities in the room. The sensors can also regulate energy consumption and support sustainability while providing useful data that helps the hotels operate cost-effectively.

In addition to all these benefits, IoT can also help the hotels to detect any suspicious behavior and can immediately alert the staff members if anybody is trespassing the premise. The devices do not only have bag scanning equipment but also can scan people's faces, which the employees can match with their credentials making it easier for them to detect any unknown person.

Roll out the Carpet for the VIPs with Digital Solutions

VIPs, normally, do not have the time to wait for long while they are attending a conference, wedding, or any other event at a hotel. IoT solutions can change that with biometric tokens that support the queue management algorithm, facial recognition, and even predictive analytics while safeguarding personal information.

Many large global conferences can also eliminate bag scanning and quickly escort the attendees to an event due to the face scanning technology. Such IoT devices will make it easier for hotels to detect suspicious behavior among guests as well as employees.

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