T-Mobile Becomes Fastest LTE Network Carrier in USA: OpenSignal Report

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: OpenSignal, an analytics provider for coverage and performance of mobile operators worldwide has released a study claiming T-Mobile’s upsurge as the fastest downloading speed provider in US. The recently publicized report named as ‘State of Mobile Networks: USA ’ collects its data from nearly 180,000 people around USA who are using the company network testing app.

The study further reveals T-mobile performance in gaining better customer market further boasting its LTE coverage to 81% in the fourth quarter. It has nearly equaled to AT&T business in LTE availability and is inching the gap closer with Verizon.

OpenSignal has collected data from various regular smart-phone users, its android app runs constantly in the background at low power, while noting changes in network conditions and performance. The app provides an incredibly rich dataset capable of drawing a complete picture of network experience.

The new LTE-Advanced networks users are now experiencing a sharp downloading speed beyond 30 mbps whereas the average 4G speed in United States is 9.9 mbps which falls short to the global download average speed of 13.5 mbps.

All four major operators of the United States, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have witnessed improvements to their network coverage in the last quarter, the results implicates that the U.S. 4G subscribers can now see an overall 81 percent LTE signal of the time.

Verizon still ranks on the top, when it comes to network reliability, but T-Mobile is not far behind, giving a strong competition against the super-carrier in terms of download speed.  Nation-wide both operators have average 4G speed of 12 mbps, and the speed comparison test across 11 largest U.S. cities sites that T-Mobile has just barely beaten Verizon