Tobi Cloud Receives a $2 Million Seed Investment from Allison Wood Ventures
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Tobi Cloud Receives a $2 Million Seed Investment from Allison Wood Ventures

By CIOReview | Friday, November 26, 2021

 Allison Wood Ventures funds Tobi Cloud with a $2 Million seed investment.

FREMONT, CA: “When our team met with the leaders of Tobi Cloud, it was immediately clear how this software would benefit both providers and their patients.” states Allison Wood, founder and CEO of Allison Wood Ventures. Allison Wood Ventures has made a $2 million seed investment in Tobi Cloud, a software platform for dispatching and managing non-emergency medical transport (NEMT). Tobi Cloud is a centralized system for NEMT and paratransit enterprises that includes scheduling, dispatching, billing, and reporting.

"The world of healthcare technology is vast, but they have managed to create innovative software that we imagine will soon become invaluable to non-emergency medical transportation providers everywhere. I am thrilled to watch as the leadership team at Tobi Cloud continues to amaze." adds Wood.

Tobi Cloud's core product enables medical transport providers to streamline their operations using first-of-its-kind software that eliminates redundancy, wasted time, and human error. Tobi Cloud makes these promises a reality by automating routine tasks and streamlining communication and management across numerous fleets. For patients, the software simplifies the once-complicated process of scheduling and obtaining medical transportation.

According to a National Conference of State Legislatures survey, roughly 3.6 million Americans miss or postpone medical care due to a lack of adequate transportation to their appointments. Tobi Cloud can assist patients in obtaining outpatient and chronic care by simplifying the process.

Tobi Cloud, founded in 2018 by transportation industry veterans Gil Amado and Mark Ilacqua, enables facilities, patients, and clients to instantly plan, track, pay for and confirm non-emergency medical transport. Instead of managing many accounts or items, the software streamlines the process to increase efficiency and remove room for error.

Tobi Cloud users have access to comprehensive price modeling with detailed parameters; real-time GPS monitoring accessible to both the customer and the supplier; auto-scheduling via a proprietary algorithm; and automatic trip attestation.

Tobi Cloud addresses a complex issue that impacts millions of Americans each year, making it an ideal example of the type of visionary firm Allison Wood Ventures is happy to invest in.