Top 3 Advantages of information Exchange in the Maritime Industry
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Top 3 Advantages of information Exchange in the Maritime Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Working together and having good coordination with each other is very important for the smooth functioning of any industry; information exchange is one way of doing that.

Fremont, CA: Establishing effective communication between different entities of an industry, a flow of knowledge occurs, which prevents stagnation from seeping in. It is no brainer that information exchange in the maritime industry happens to be just as essential. Some experts believe that the importance of information exchange in a way becomes more significant due to the global implications of information. In the marine industry, this can be done in several ways. This is why an efficient information exchange system is the answer to the smooth functioning of the entire marine industry.

Here are some essential benefits of information exchange in the maritime industry.

Better coordination

Information exchange enables better coordination between ships, required no matter what purpose the ship is sailing. Due to the importance of coordination in the marine industry, more efforts are being made at developing a data exchange system that will allow greater coordination. Such a system would have features such as Virtual Regional Maritime Traffic center, the Maritime Safety, and Security Information System, the Long Range Identification and tracking, and the Regional Co-operation Agreement on combating piracy and armed robbery. Such a system allows coordination in every situation, from planning transit through a narrow region to warding off a piracy attack.

Improved trade

A superior information exchange system would enhance the scope of trade globally. The shared information could include cargo data about ships leaving from various ports, connecting ships scheduling, and so on, which will mean ships can communicate better and trade can be improved.

Greater safety of ships

An effective information exchange system helps in better coordination between the ships, hence more excellent safety of ships. In the case of any maritime accidents, this efficient system will enable rapid information exchange, which will help the ship reach sooner.

Especially in case of maritime accidents like the grounding of a ship or a pirate attack where it becomes difficult for a ship to communicate on its own, and information exchange system can be beneficial.

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