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Top 3 Contact Center Trends to Watch Out in 2020

By CIOReview | Monday, September 14, 2020

Modern-day contact centers are at a critical juncture where new technologies will be more accountable and necessary for them to succeed.

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation has evolved customer expectations. Customers today have become more demanding in terms of faster responses. Consistent and innovative customer experience has a great impact on the bottom line of any business. Hence revamping the customer service experience has become a top priority for businesses, which means realigning contact centers.  Here is more about the top contact center trends businesses can implement.

• Omni-channel Communication

Omnichannel communication offers better contextual support to customers with a consistent experience across all channels. The report shows businesses with omnichannel customer engagement retain the majority of their customers. Omnichannel is consumer-centric too. It makes navigating between touchpoints easy and seamless. Customers don’t want to repeat their queries to many agents, but agents can know customer history and resolve the issue in the shortest time frame possible.

• Live Engagement Tools

The three major aspects of customer service include fast response, knowledgeable service agents, and a quick resolution. Today’s contact centers are adopting live engagement for proactive communication to increase customer experience. At times, it becomes very daunting to figure out customer issues due to missing real-time communication. The explanation is not clear enough for the agent to give a complete understanding of the issue. Live engagement tools are a boon contact centers to manage such scenarios.

• Co-Browsing Solutions

First call resolution (FCR) is an important contact centric metric that decides customer satisfaction. At times, customers face issues that need multiple interactions to get the issue remediated. When the customers have to communicate multiple times with the executives for the same issue, the customer experience gets diluted. Co-browsing is the best solution for this.  With co-browsing, contact center agents can address queries in the first contact by decreasing the multiple call back times, call transfers or hand over to a contact center supervisor to get the issue fixed. The faster remedy that, too, in the first contact, significantly increases customer satisfaction.

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