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Top 3 ITSM Trends Revolutionizing Enterprises Market

By CIOReview | Friday, September 27, 2019

IT businesses aim to deliver better service and provide better customer support by challenging and overcoming the predictions.

FREMONT, CA: Information technology service management  (ITSM) simply means managing and delivering IT services to meet the needs of an organization. 2019, is a year when the IT businesses aim to deliver better service and customer support. Let us look at Top 3 ITSM trends for 2019.

Employee Management

At present, it is hard to hire college pass-outs without offering them at least an average wage. The enterprises should remember the changes happening in the IT platform. Artificial intelligence, self-service, and automation have become more common in the industry, which means that some roles of people and the required qualifications of those working in IT will change. Along with this, another problem that would emerge with employee management is that it will be hard to meet employees' expectations in terms of support. It is also mandatory to remember that the employees are just people who have their ups and downs, face challenges in life, and aren't immune to stress and workload. Employees do not want to stay in a place where they can't achieve their goal both professionally and personally. When globalization takes over the world, it is not hard to find another job. The companies will also have high chances to connect with the right person and hire highly qualified employees.

Information Security

The rapid growth of cybercrime in the last year resulted in the corporations becoming more obsessed with information security and protection. It was estimated that in 2019, cybersecurity would be a priority for over 36 percent of the companies. The enterprises need to remember that proper management tool will secure the data from hackers, but even a simple mistake in the system configuration can expose the data to the hackers. All enterprises should remember the fact that the human factor is providing security, as it may expose the company to cyberattacks even with the best management and security tools in place.

Cloud Migration

The decreased cost of the cloud instances bring the businesses to migrate on the cloud. It’s a well-known fact that costs of setting up and maintaining self-hosted systems have increased because we need to pay for both the equipment and the administrators who will manage it. Even though the cloud can be easily adopted by both small and large companies, the big corporations have to spend years to successfully and safely move their data and information from servers to cloud. The issue with cloud security is that the enterprises can easily over or underscore the cloud instances, simply because the enterprises won't think about this while migrating to the cloud. However, accessing the cloud network as well as underlying on the framework can be an issue for some of the companies. This is the reason why cloud migration should be well planned before executing.

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