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Top 3 Ways AI Is Improving Energy Sector in 2020

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

AI has started to show its amazing benefits in the energy sector. Below given are some of the AI technologies that can improve the reliability of renewable energy.

FREMONT, CA: With the advancements in technology, the renewable energy sector has made significant progress in the past decade. Technologies like the AI and Machine Learning can analyze the past, optimize the present, and predict the future. The energy industry needs smart systems that can help increase the combination of renewable into the existing grid and make renewable energy an even player in the energy supply.

Integration of Microgrids

AI helps with the integration of microgrids and manages the distributed energy. When community-level renewable energy generation units are summed to the primary grid, it becomes tough to balance the energy flow. The AI-powered control system plays a significant role in solving the quality and congestion issues.

Expansion in Market

AI helps in renewable energy suppliers to expand the marketplace by including new service models and encouraging higher participation. AI-powered systems help to analyze the data related to energy collection and offer insights on energy consumption. The data would help the suppliers to optimize the existing services and launch a new set of service models. It also helps retail suppliers to target new customer markets.

Smart and Centralized Control Centers

The energy grid can be combined with tools and sensors to collect a massive amount of data. Smart and centralized control centers, combined with AI, give the data new insights to the grid operators for better control operations. It also offers flexibility to the energy suppliers to cleverly adjust the supply with the demand. The improved load control systems can be installed with tools like industrial furnaces or large AC units that automatically switch off when the power supply is low. Along with this, the intelligent storage units can be adjusted based on the flow of supply.

Additionally, smart machines and advanced sensors can make weather and load predictions that can overall improve the integration and efficiency of renewable energy.

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