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Top 4 Features of an Enterprise Web Applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 2, 2020

Enterprise web application development has evolved over the years, with enterprises now looking for super-fast and effective ways of reaching their customers.

Fremont, CA: Web browsers have played the role of an important mediator between customers and enterprises and still continue to do so. Today, enterprises look for several aspects such as ease-of-use, functionality, stability, and, most importantly, security. Here is a list of characteristics that effective and modern enterprise web applications must have:

1. Easy Navigation

A web application must be easy to navigate through to ensure convenience to users. User-friendly designs for the website will also help the business retain customers. A user-friendly web application normally has a simple page structure, visual hierarchy, accessible sitemap, search function, navigation menu and buttons, and many more.

2. Scalability

Enterprise web applications must be capable of handling heavy workloads and resources, while also keeping the web app structure intact. A scalable web application must have certain aspects such as continuous accessibility, good performance, quick data recovery, and the ability to identify malfunctions.

3. Security

With the cybercrimes on the rise these days, enterprises look to design web applications that ensure high-end security of both business and customer data. One of the most important ways to guarantee website security is code modifications made to minimize or eliminate vulnerabilities. The development and deployment of security test suites can also help safeguard the website against potential data breaches. Enterprises must make sure to carefully review the plugins before incorporating them into the website.

4. Performance Efficiency

An enterprise web application with all essential features will do no good if the performance is average or bad. According to recent research, about 47 percent of users expect web pages and applications to load within two seconds. Hence, the slower the application, the higher is the chance of losing a customer. There are several tools, such as Pagespeed Insights, that can help analyze the performance of a web application regularly.

Additionally, web applications can also be beneficial is they can eliminate or automate routine processes, and if they are able to give the right result to the users.

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